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Home Performance Alliance is the leading home repair professional to call for new vinyl windows, hurricane impact windows, glass sliding doors, installation and repairs.


Home Performance Alliance has more than 10 years’ experience serving the St Petersburg vicinity and surrounding neighborhoods.


Home Performance Alliance is a proud associate of several trade associations including:

NARI– National Association of the Remodeling Industry
NAHB– National Association of Builders
TBBA – Tampa Bay Builders Association

They are also recognized by the GuildQuality, a third party consumer satisfaction surveying firm.

Pleasant and skilled workmen will inspect your windows and doors for cracks and leaks, mold and mildew, security concerns and general performance. They will come with working examples and pictures of projects they have completed, take precise measurements, ask applicable questions to ascertain your requirements and expectations and listen attentively to address all your questions and concerns.

Enlightening the customer is a significant component of the service so you recognize the benefit of violent storm defense and energy efficient doors and windows. All materials, services, installment and permitting procedures are explained and evidence of applicable certification and adequate insurance protection is supplied so the client can feel confident their property is in good hands.

Lastly, before work commences, you will be furnished with a written estimate, consisting of warranties, existing promotions and finance methods available. Quotes for HPA windows and doors are valid for one year.


• Expertly designed windows
• Heavy duty vinyl frame replacement windows
• 14 Structural hollows for outstanding strength
• Energy efficient properties prevent water and air from entering the home
• Robotically secured corners so windows remain square and never need sealants
• Comfort-foam frames bolster thermal efficiency


• Bed and bath doors
• Patio doors
• Custom doors
• Sliding glass doors
• Entry doors

Working for the local area and surrounding cities and communities for over 20 years, no project too large, no job too small

Norske Electric has quickly grown to be local residents and business managers’ preferred Minnetonka electrical contractor as a result of their dedication to efficiency. The family-owned and operated electrical company has served the metro and surrounding neighborhoods for more than two decades providing the most reliable electrical service to all their clients.


No job is too big, no task too small for the Minnetonka electrician who gives 24 hour emergency electrical repairs. Residential electrical clients enjoy excellent service for all needed electrical repairs and maintenance, code certified electrical work for renovation or new construction.


Commercial electrical customers depend on Norske Electric to provide safety and energy efficiency for their business. The Minnetonka electrical contractors are continually seeking to stay on top of technical and industrial developments to give their clients the very best services and products.


From new commercial construction and redesigning to building retrofit and electrical maintenance service, Norske Electric is devoted to giving high-grade work on an appropriate schedule.


Norske Electric attributes their good reputable name and success to their steady clients who frequently refer their friends and neighbors. Much of their new business comes from “word of mouth’ promotion, which represents itself. Norske Electric is particularly skilled and widely relied on in Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, Edina and neighboring cities and communities in the metro area.


About Norske Electric:


Norske Electric was created by competent contractors that come with greater than 20 years of prior experience. Their electricians are positively committed to granting the most trusted superior services and products with maximum customer concentration and attention to detail with each and every task.

When Brian Dawson, owner of Dryer Tech (503-374-9094), realized a weakness in the dryer vent cleaning industry he stepped up to make a positive difference. Several of his clients called him with bad opinions relating to the service provided by other dryer vent cleaning companies. Brian was baffled as he wondered what was so hard about providing good quality dryer vent cleaning service, so he made a decision to look into the matter. His fact-finding led him to become a certified dryer exhaust technician, acquire the state of the art dryer vent cleaning tools and initiate his own dryer vent cleaning service company. www.portlanddryertech.blogspot.com/

There are many situations when the trash gets collected in huge quantity. Trash can collect during remodeling, landscaping, re-roofing, cleaning of garage and many other situations. The huge pile up of trash cannot be handled by the usual trash containers and removal of the trash once a week. In these circumstances, people need the dumpsters for the removal of trash. There are many companies of Detroit Metro Dumpster Rental that provide services for renting the dumpsters. Collection of trash is an overwhelming situation. Most people do not want to deal with the trash immediately and keep delaying the cleaning work. The dumpster rental helps people to resolve procrastination by taking away the burden of cleaning.

Sorts of Work Done By the Dumpster Rental Company

A dumpster aides in evacuating waste material, garbage and in addition rubbish. The staff of the rental service give the yard dumpster on rent and pull away the waste. The cleaning and pulling of rubbish is a major errand including heaps of soil. The rental service makes life simple for the customers by as it assumes the liability of waste evacuation. The customers can then seek after a lovely existence without stressing over the cleaning. The rental service gives a free cost gauge before settling on an official conclusion of leasing the dumpster. The rental service performs numerous sorts of waste evacuation errands. It helps in evacuating brush, expansive machines, furniture and junk. It helps in crisis and reference cleanups. It helps in the cleaning of house, carport and cellar. It gathers trash and refuse materials. It reuses and arranges the waste and garbage.

Sorts of Dumpsters

The customers have the choice of leasing move off dumpster or a business dumpster. The move off dumpster is suitable for expelling waste from the family, development, rebuilding, and reroofing sorts of works. In these ventures, an interim dumpster is needed for maybe a couple weeks. The move off dumpster ought to be utilized for cleaning the bequest, spring-cleaning, and entering and going out. Business dumpsters are valuable for organizations that oblige the waste evacuation more than once every week frequently. These dumpsters are little. The dumpster has a cover on its upper part.

The Process of Renting a Dumpster

The technique of Detroit Metro Dumpster Rental is a straightforward one. The customer needs to choose the measure of dumpster as per the amount of waste that must be evacuated. At that point the customer must call the dumpster rental service and enquire about the expense of leasing the dumpster and the rental arrangements. The customer must alter a date for calling the dumpster. In the wake of cleaning of the waste is done, the customer must call the rental organization for pulling endlessly the gathered waste to landfill and reusing focus.

The dumpster rental service helps in wiping out the waste in a property. The rental organization performs a wide mixture of waste evacuation and cleaning employments. There are two sorts of dumpsters of diverse sizes and limit. Leasing a dumpster is a simple procedure.